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Light, Art, and Life in St. Peter’s Square

Daily Theology

I was going to wait on this post until I had faster internet upload speeds, so I could do all the videos, but given some mean comments about this that I’ve been reading, I figured I needed to put my voice out there.  Long story short, due to my connection with Daily Theology, I was given a press pass for this event, and thus was able to sit close enough, and have some leg room, so I could type some reflections while the event was happening.  This blog post is comprised of those reflections, with still images (shot by me, so not super high quality) of the moments I describe.

It begins with me finally finding a seat just a few minutes before the show began.

“Ok, so I made it a front row seat to the light show, booting up in 6 minutes.  I’m a part of the press for…

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